Mantle & Young Named Players of September


Mickey Mantle finished off a strong season with his best month of the year in September. He and teammate Lou Gehrig were neck-and-neck as the most productive hitters over the final month, and the Mick provides much more defensive value and speed than Gehrig.

Mantle just hit and hit all month, but his finest day came on September 11 with the Yankees hosting the Blue Jays. Mantle rapped five hits, two of which were homers. Here is his September by the numbers:

140 19 42 29  7  0  6 .347 .436 .554 .429  29

Full slate of players of the month this season:

April: Tris Speaker, BOS
May: Lou Gehrig, NY
June: Craig Biggio, HOU
July: Frank Thomas, CHI
August: Ty Cobb, DET
September: Mickey Mantle, NY

Cy Young became the only player to win more than one player/pitcher of the month honor. Having just won the prize in August, Young reeled off another remarkable month in September. It started with a relative down game for Young on September 4th. He had pitched his team to a 2-1 lead against Cleveland in the ninth inning, but the Naps got to him for two runs in that final frame to beat him. It was the only one of his final 10 starts in which he gave up more than one run.

Then on the 9th, Young was masterful for 10 full innings and gave up just one run in a victory over Detroit. It might have been his finest game of the year. He walked one and struck out six.

Next up, Young swatted down Chicago on the 14th with a dominant nine inning, one run game. Same nine innings and one run against Anaheim on the 19th. On the 25th, Young again only yielded one, though this time in a scandalously short seven inning start that still ended in a win over New York. In his final regular season start of the year, he returned to his usual nine innings/one run dominance, this time winning over Oakland.

53  8  7  1  9 30  1.19 1.36 2.53   15

All the pitchers of the month this year:

April: Johan Santana, MN
May: Pedro Martinez, BOS
June: Ed Walsh, CHI
July: Smoky Joe Wood, BOS
August: Cy Young, BOS
September: Cy Young, BOS


New York and Baltimore Conclude Their Seasons With O’s Series Win

ripkenmurraySeptember 29: Baltimore 7, New York 5

Baltimore manager Earl Weaver struggled all year to wedge George Sisler, Eddie Murray, Ken Williams, and Ken Singleton into one lineup. Sisler and Singleton just got on base and hit too much to sit, which left a logjam between Murray and Williams. Weaver thought Williams had a slight edge when it came to hitting righties, and Williams was good, with a .343 wOBA in 123 games. But the Orioles missed having Murray’s bat in there everyday–he got into just 105 games but smashed his way to a .391 wOBA. “Hell of a thing leaving a hitter like Eddie on the bench as much as I have this year,” reflected Weaver after the game. “I’ll have to find a way to get him in there more next season.”

Murray was very much in this game, and got the Orioles on the board with a solo homer in the fourth. He took walks in his next two plate appearances, and then drilled a two-out walk-off homer in the bottom of the ninth.

                  R  H BB
NY  000 400 100 - 5 10  9
BAL 000 103 102 - 7  8  5
HR: E. Murray-2 (20)

starters       IP  R ER HR BB SO
O. Hernandez  5.1  4  4  1  3  5  
E. Bedard     3.1  4  4  0  5  5 

NY 83-77, BAL 86-74

September 30: New York 12, Baltimore 9

In their penultimate game, the Yankees played one of the most Yankees games of the season. Starter Herb Pennock was ineffective from the start, and his pitching and the team’s defense really fell to shambles in the fifth inning when the first eight Baltimore batters reached safely and the Orioles ran up a 9-1 lead.

But no matter how far they fell behind, the Yankees were never out of a game all season. After that disastrous bottom of the fifth, they responded with a nine-run top of the sixth. 11 Yanks reached safely in the inning, punctuated with a Robinson Cano dong shot.

                   R  H BB
NY  000 019 020 - 12 12  6
BAL 013 050 000 -  9 15  4
HR: R. Cano (15)

starters      IP  R ER HR BB SO
H. Pennock   4.0  8  7  0  2  1  
J. Palmer    5.2  6  1  1  3  1 

NY 84-77, BAL 86-75

October 1: Baltimore 11, New York 5

Singleton, Murray, and Sisler made up the top of Baltimore’s batting order and each collected three hits. They combined for five singles, two doubles, and two triples. Cleanup hitter Frank Robinson collected only one-hit, but he made it count with a three-run dinger in the first inning.

Sisler became the fifth player to reach 200 hits on the season.

Lou Gehrig had a relatively quiet final series, though in his case that meant reaching safely five times in the three games but not hitting a homer. He was by far the most dominant hitter all season and still holds the home run lead at 40, though Texas’s Alex Rodriguez still has three games to play and is sitting at 39. Asked after the game if his individual success was a silver lining to the Yankees disappointing finish, Gehrig offered, “Not really. Doesn’t mean much if we’re not the champs.”

                   R  H BB
NY  000 002 300 -  5 12  0
BAL 310 052 00x - 11 13  3
HR: F. Robinson (31), C. Ripken (12)

starters     IP  R ER HR BB SO
W. Hoyt     4.2  8  8  1  1  0  
J. Powell   6.1  5  5  0  0  0 

NY 84-78, BAL 87-75


New York Takes Series in Boston

September 25: Boston 8, New York 2

Cy Young continued his shockingly good finish to the season and now has a 1.01 ERA over his last nine starts. Young has snuck into the league’s top ten with a 3.33 mark for the year.

The outlandishly good top of Boston’s lineup went koo-koo, Wade Boggs and Tris Speaker each reaching four times and Ted Williams thrice. The trio started the bottom of the first with three consecutive doubles.

                  R  H BB
NY  001 000 001 - 2  7  5
BOS 200 041 01x - 8 12  4

HR: none

starters    IP  R ER HR BB SO
W. Hoyt    4.1  6  6  0  2  0  
C. Young   7.0  1  1  0  2  3 

NY 81-76, BOS 93-64

September 26: New York 15, Boston 10

This one went wild. The Yanks jumped Lefty Grove for eight runs in the first three innings. Alex Rodriguez hit two homers in that stretch and New York held a 9-2 lead after three and a half innings, but they coughed it up. The top of Boston’s lineup again proved almost impossible to get out. Boggs knocked three hits including a rare dinger, Speaker hit four safeties and drew a walk, Williams walked twice and singled, and Jimmie Foxx walked and smacked three singles from cleanup.

Boston tied the game at 10 in the seventh inning and seemed to have all the momentum after deflating New York’s huge lead. But Williams and Speaker both made errors in the top of the ninth to go along with four New York singles, which let the Yankees run away with five runs and the victory.

                   R  H BB
NY  134 101 005 - 15 15  3
BOS 101 212 300 - 10 16  6

HR: A. Rodriguez-2 (26), Y. Berra (9), W. Boggs (4)

starters    IP  R ER HR BB SO
L. Gomez   5.1  7  7  0  6  1  
L. Grove   2.2  8  6  3  1  3 

NY 82-76, BOS 93-65

caldwellSeptember 27: New York 6, Boston 1

Ray Caldwell was unusually good in a complete game for New York and Smoky Joe Wood was unusually ineffective while giving up five runs. A Wade Boggs error in the fifth inning helped New York to the winning run. Then in the eighth, Bill Dickey tripled, Derek Jeter doubled, and Mickey Mantle and Lou Gehrig singled to run up the Yankees lead.

New York couldn’t keep up with Boston in the standings this year, but they played respectably in their head-to-head contests. Boston claimed 10 of the 18 meetings between the rivals.

                  R H BB
NY  000 020 040 - 6 8  8
BOS 000 010 000 - 1 8  4

HR: none

starters      IP  R ER HR BB SO
R. Caldwell  9.0  1  1  0  4  2  
S.J. Wood    7.1  5  4  0  8  9 

NY 83-76, BOS 93-66


New York Slips By Chicago, Gehrig Launches 40th Homer in Grand Style

gehrigSeptember 22: New York 7, Chicago 1

The unrelenting Lou Gehrig became the first player to 40 home runs with a grand slam in the third inning. Ray Caldwell was strong in a complete game.

                  R H BB
CHI 001 000 000 - 1 4  4
NY  004 102 00x - 7 7  5
HR: L. Gehrig (40)

starters      IP  R ER HR BB SO
T. Lee       4.0  5  5  1  4  0  
R. Caldwell  9.0  1  1  0  4  2 

CHI 80-74, 80-74

September 23: Chicago 7, New York 3 (10 innings)

I believe Mariano Rivera has the best pitcher’s card in the league, but the results have not been there for much of the season. He took the mound in the top of the ninth to protect a 3-2 lead, and Frank Thomas sent his first pitch to la-la land.

David Robertson has struggled for New York too, and the White Sox pounded him for four runs in the top of the 10th. Jose Abreu launched a three-run dinger to cap off the winning rally.

Johnny Rigney threw all 10 innings for Chicago.

                    R H BB
CHI 000 010 101 4 - 7 9  5
NY  000 210 000 0 - 3 9  3

HR: F. Thomas (22), J. Abreu (5), 
M. Minoso (10), B. Ruth (36)

starters       IP  R ER HR BB SO
J. Rigney    10.0  2  2  1  3  3  
O. Hernandez  6.0  2  2  1  3  3 

CHI 81-74, NY 80-75

September 24: New York 2, Chicago 1

The White Sox hit four extra-base knocks while giving up none to the Yankees. That is usually a rock-solid path to victory in the Bronx, but Chicago somehow messed it up. A Thomas solo homer scored their only run of the game. That run could have been enough but for a Chris Sale wild pitch that allowed Mickey Mantle to score in the first inning and a Johnny Mostil error that contributed to NY’s run in the seventh.

Chicago’s flirtation with first place was not so long ago but seems like a distant memory. They now stand 11 games back and are tied with New York in fifth.

                  R H BB
CHI 000 000 100 - 1 6  1
NY  100 000 10x - 2 7  3

HR: F. Thomas (23)

starters     IP  R ER HR BB SO
C. Sale     7.0  2  1  0  3  5  
H. Pennock  8.0  1  1  1  1  1 

CHI 81-75, NY 81-75

Goslin Triples Boost Minnesota To Series Win in New York

September 18: New York 9, Minnesota 1

The sluggers won the series opening match-up between the strongest and weakest power hitting teams in the league. Herb Pennock held the low-power, high-average Twins to one run in a complete game, Lou Gehrig took back sole possession of the home run lead with his 39th, and Charlie Keller went yoinko twice.

                 R  H BB
MN 000 000 100 - 1 10  1
NY 100 101 33x - 9 12  4

HR: G. Goslin (6), C. Keller-2 (22), L. Gehrig (39)

starters     IP  R ER HR BB SO
D. Leonard  6.1  5  5  1  2  1  
H. Pennock  9.0  1  1  1  1  3 

MN 80-71, NY 79-72

September 19: Minnesota 6, New York 1

The tables turned the next day as the Twins rode eight singles and six walks to victory. Other than a Derek Jeter solo joint, Camilo Pascual kept the Yanks in the park.

                 R H BB
MN 500 100 000 - 6 8  6
NY 000 000 100 - 1 7  3
HR: D. Jeter (10)

starters      IP  R ER HR BB SO
C. Pascaul   7.1  1  1  1  2  4  
W. Hoyt      8.0  6  6  0  6  0 

MN 81-71, NY 79-73

Goslin Goose 1518.68WT1_Bat_PD

September 20: Minnesota 7, New York 4 (10 innings)

ERA leader Johan Santana had a rare mediocre start and got taken to the seats by Keller and A-Rod. Gehrig became the first player to 200 hits with a first-inning triple.

But Goose Goslin smacked a two-RBI triple in the sixth inning to get Minnesota within a run, and Joe Cronin singled Goslin home to tie it up.

David Robertson was hurling for New York in the top of the 10th and put Mickey Vernon and Kirby Puckett on base with walks. Goslin then hit his second two-RBI triple of the game and came around to score his third run of the day to put the series away for Minnesota.

                   R H BB
MN 010 003 000 3 - 7 9  5
NY 020 110 000 0 - 4 9  1

HR: C. Keller (23), A. Rodriguez (24)

starters     IP  R ER HR BB SO
J. Santana  6.0  4  4  2  0  7  
L. Gomez    6.0  4  4  0  2  3 

MN 82-71, NY 79-74

New York’s 11th Hour Come-Back Turns Series In Their Favor Against Oakland

September 15: Oakland 10, New York 0

New York’s Lefty Gomez has been the squad’s least-terrible starter most of the year, but has now gotten pounded mercilessly in his last two starts. Last time out, he gave up seven runs in a third of an inning. This time, he at least got through an entire one inning while giving up seven runs.

Every Oakland batter knocked a base hit, and Lefty Grove shut out the best offense in the league. Grove dropped his ERA to 3.27, seventh best in the loop.

                   R  H BB
NY  000 000 000 -  0  4  1
OAK 531 001 00x - 10 11  7
HR: none

starters    IP  R ER HR BB SO
L. Gomez   1.0  7  7  0  4  0  
L. Grove   9.0  0  0  0  1  2 

NY 76-72, OAK 81-67

mattinglySeptember 16: New York 7, Oakland 5 (14 innings)

Oakland was one out away from victory in the top of the ninth with Dennis Eckersley on the hill, Lou Gehrig on first, and Babe Ruth at the plate. The Babe lifted a fliner to the left field corner, and Rickey Henderson gave chase. Rickey had a bead on it, but slammed into the wall just as the pill hit his glove. The impact caused the ball to squirt away from him, and Rickey was shaken up and stayed on the ground where he fell. By the time center fielder Al Simmons raced over to throw the ball back in, Gehrig had torn a path all the way from first base to tie the game, and Ruth was standing on third base. The official scorer hit Rickey with a harsh E7.

Eck stranded the Babe to force extras. Nobody could break the tie in the 10th-13th innings, but the Yanks put together a two-out rally in the 14th. Gehrig took a walk, Ruth doubled, Bill Dickey walked the bases loaded, and Don Mattingly swatted his fourth hit of the day to drive in two.

                         R  H BB
NY  200 100 101 000 02 - 7 12  4
OAK 400 000 010 000 00 - 5  7  2

HR: D. Mattingly (3), E. Collins (3), 
J Giambi (16)

starters      IP  R ER HR BB SO
R. Caldwell  7.1  5  5  2  2  2  
T. Hudson    6.0  3  3  1  0  4 

NY 77-72, OAK 81-68

September 17: New York 9, Oakland 8

The Yanks built up a 9-2 lead after five and a half innings before the A’s put up a spirited comeback attempt. Bert Campaneris collected a rare home run that plated three in the sixth inning, but the A’s stranded runners in the seventh, eighth, and ninth and fell a run short.

The A’s are still in second place, but the losses dropped them eight games behind Boston with just 12 games remaining.

                  R  H BB
NY  001 305 000 - 9 13  4
OAK 000 024 200 - 8 10  7

HR: A. Rodriguez (23), J. Foxx (25),
B. Campaneris (4)

starters       IP  R ER HR BB SO
O. Hernandez  5.2  6  6  2  3  4  
C. Bender     5.1  6  6  1  3  1 

NY 78-72, OAK 81-69

Cleveland Raps 43 Hits, Takes Series in the Bronx

September 12: New York 6, Cleveland 3

The Naps piled up 14 hits, including four apiece from Nap Lajoie and Joe Jackson, but only managed to plate three runs. Meanwhile, the Yanks only got six hits, but they added on nine walks on their way to six runs. Vean Gregg had his most disastrous start of the year that featured just one out recorded, four walks issued, and five runs against. Johnny Allen came in and reeled off seven innings without giving up an earned run, but it was too late.

                  R  H BB
CLE 000 110 100 - 3 14  2
NY  500 000 01x - 6  6  9
HR: none

starters       IP  R ER HR BB SO
V. Gregg      0.1  5  5  0  5  0  
F. Hernandez  7.0  3  3  0  1  3 

CLE 68-77, NY 76-69

LajoieNapSeptember 13: Cleveland 10, New York 2

The Naps were even more hitterish the next day. Jackson had a second straight four-hit game, and Lajoie one-upped him with five safeties. Addie Joss was wicked sharp on the mound, giving up no walks and two runs to the best offense around.

                   R  H BB
CLE 002 201 050 - 10 19  3
NY  000 001 100 -  2  9  0

HR: A. Belle (10), M. Mantle (28)

starters     IP  R ER HR BB SO
A. Joss     9.0  2  1  1  0  3  
H. Pennock  6.0  5  5  1  2  2 

CLE 69-77, NY 76-70

September 14: Cleveland 5, New York 1

Cleveland could “only” manage 10 hits in the finale, and that was plenty on top of their seven walks. They bunched up seven of their hits between the sixth and seventh innings. Lajoie only smacked two hits in this one, bringing his total for the series to 11. He raised his wOBA by ten points (to .366), a pretty mean feat this late in the season.

Carlos Carrasco made his third start in the Rhubarb. He’s found the going pretty easy so far. In his debut, he gave up two in 6.2 innings, then threw a complete game shutout, and authored another complete game in this one while yielding just one run on four hits and a walk.

In the always exciting race to avoid last place, the win kept Cleveland out of the cellar by a game.

                  R  H BB
CLE 000 012 200 - 5 10  7
NY  010 000 000 - 1  4  1

HR: none

starters      IP  R ER HR BB SO
C. Carrasco  9.0  1  1  0  1 11  
W. Hoyt      6.1  5  4  0  3  2 

CLE 70-77, NY 76-71