New York Starters Step Up In Sweep of Boston

babe-ruth-new-yorkJune 17: New York 9, Boston 4

Boston’s Roger Clemens has been the most reliably great starting pitcher in the league so far. Coming in to this contest, the most runs he’d given up in any of his 13 starts was four, and teams had only managed to score that many in two games. But facing the Yankees on the road can be hazardous to one’s ERA, and Clemens finally had a rough day.

Babe Ruth went 3-for-3 against Clemens with a single, double, homer, three RBI, and two runs scored. The Babe’s homer in the third inning put him alone in the league lead at 19, but Lou Gehrig yet again had a quick answer and homered against Jon Lester in the sixth inning to pull back into a tie with the Babe.

The Red Sox stranded 13 base-runners.

                  R  H BB
BOS 000 110 200 - 4 11  7
NY  103 023 00x - 9 10  4

HR: M. Mantle (13), L. Gehrig (19), B. Ruth (19)

starters     IP  R ER HR BB SO
R. Clemens  5.0  6  6  2  3  4  
L. Gomez    7.0  4  3  0  7  1 

BOS 44-23, NY 39-28

June 18: New York 4, Boston 1

The less than stellar Yankees starting rotation has been under siege by the New York press and fans of late, perhaps lighting a fire under them in this series. Ray Caldwell’s ERA was north of 5.00 coming into this game, a good run and a half worse than his opponent Cy Young’s. But Caldwell was in his sins today. 12 Red Sox did manage to reach base against him, but they all started at first base on a single, walk, or HBP, and only one was able to circle the bases during Caldwell’s complete game performance.

Meanwhile, Young made things more difficult for himself by committing an error in the first inning that contributed to three quick Yankees runs. He was good after that, but his mates couldn’t get cooking against Caldwell.

                  R H BB
BOS 010 000 000 - 1 8  4
NY  301 000 00X - 4 7  5

HR: none

starters     IP  R ER HR BB SO
C. Young    8.0  4  2  0  5  6  
R. Caldwell 9.0  1  1  0  4  5 

BOS 44-24, NY 40-28

June 19: New York 4, Boston 3

Once again the pitching match-up seemed to heavily favor Boston. Smoky Joe Wood brought a 3.31 ERA up against the New York version of Roger Clemens’ 4.48. It was a tight contest, the Yankees scoring three quick runs in the first two innings, but Boston battling back to tie it in the sixth. The tying runs came on a Ted Williams homer, which unbelievably was The Kid’s first of the year! Williams has managed to be one of the best hitters in the league despite the lack of dingers, but admitted it was a relief to finally knock one. His 4-for-4 performance in this one, and reaching base 10 times in the series, helped boost him up to second most runs created in the league.

Smoky Joe Wood lost the strike zone in the seventh inning, and Mickey Mantle and Lou Gehrig both drew walks around Wood getting the first two outs of the frame. The Babe was up next, and smacked a single to drive in the winning run.

It was an impressive series by New York, and vaulted them into second place, three games back of Boston. The Red Sox are looking almost human lately and have lost eight of their last 12.

                  R H BB
BOS 010 002 000 - 3 8  4
NY  210 000 10x - 4 9  5

HR: T. Williams (1!), N. Garciaparra (8)

starters     IP  R ER HR BB SO
S.J. Wood   6.2  4  4  0  5  2  
R. Clemens  6.0  3  3  2  3  0 

BOS 44-25, NY 41-28

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