NY Wins 2 of 3, KC Kicks Themselves For The One That Got Away

May 9: Kansas City 7, New York 5

It’s good to be a lefty pitcher in Yankee Stadium, and Jose Rosado used it to his advantage as his Royals upset the Yankees in the series opener. Switch-hitter Bernie Williams took him deep for one run in the second, but that was all the Yankees had managed through four and two-thirds innings. Willie Wilson and Frank White then made what could have been back-breaking errors in the inning since they allowed the Yankees to take a 3-2 lead. But the Royals pounced right back in the top of the sixth on a George Brett single, Mike Sweeney walk, Hal McRae single, Darrel Porter triple, Frank White HBP, and Willie Wilson single to go back ahead 6-3.

KC skipper Ned Yost got aggressive with his ‘pen, and Wade Davis, Kelvin Herrera, Joakim Soria, and Greg Holland pitched the sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth, respectively. They allowed no earned runs, but KC fielding had more issues in Herrera’s seventh inning when George Brett fumbled what should have been the third out. The Yankees got to within 5-6 thanks to that error. John Mayberry added a little breathing room with a solo homer in the ninth, and the KC relievers and fielders shut NY down in the eighth and ninth.

                  R  H BB
KC  100 014 001 - 7 10  6
NY  010 020 200 - 5 12  3

HR: J. Mayberry (5), B. Williams (4)

starters     IP  R ER HR BB SO
J. Rosado   5.0  3  1  1  1  4  
B. Shawkey  5.1  6  6  0  3  0 

KC 17-16, NY 17-14

May 10: New York 7, Kansas City 4

The usually reliable fielding of KC had another clumsy game the next day, and they didn’t get away with it this time. Errors by Willie Wilson and Frank White abetted the Yankees scoring four unearned in the first two innings. Some big hits by Amos Otis and Frank White had the Royals still within a run before NY hung three earned runs on Mark Gubicza with a Charlie Keller walk, Robinson Cano walk, and a Mickey Mantle three-run blast. Mantle became the first player to 10 home runs on the season.

Later, a George Brett triple helped the Royals get to within 4-7, but Lefty Gomez allowed no more runs in a complete game. Those four unearned runs for New York were galling to Yost, seeing as how the score might have been 4-3 in KC’s favor without them: “We rely on our fielding to keep runs off the board. We can’t give outs away to anybody, and especially to a team like the Yankees.”

                  R  H BB
KC  210 010 000 - 4 11  3
NY  220 300 00x - 7  5  7

HR: M. Mantle (10), B. Ruth (7)

starters     IP  R ER HR BB SO
M. Gubicza  6.0  7  3  2  6  0  
L. Gomez    9.0  4  4  0  3  3 

KC 17-17, NY 18-14

Gehrig Lou 1383-92_Grp_PDMay 11: New York 6, Kansas City 2

This one was more of the straight ahead beating Yankees fans expected as Mantle, Gehrig, Dimaggio, and Ruth all feasted on Danny Jackson, the Royals fifth starter. Gehrig joined Mantle in the 10 home run club, and a heating up Babe homered for the second straight game and upped his wOBA to a cool .400. Ray Caldwell was strong in a complete game for NY.

                  R  H BB
KC  000 200 000 - 2  8  2
NY  002 210 10x - 6 10  1

HR: L. Gehrig (10), B. Ruth (8)

starters      IP  R ER HR BB SO
D. Jackson   6.0  5  5  2  1  1  
R. Caldwell  9.0  2  2  0  2  4 

KC 17-18, NY 19-14

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