Naps Stun Yanks In Convincing Sweep

The Cleveland faithful were over the moon after a gleeful sweep of the invading Yankees. Game one was the only sane game of the series. It was mostly decided in the fifth when the Naps put together a walk, double, single, double, single, and single in succession to put five on the scoreboard and knock Bob Shawkey out of the box. Addie Joss did just enough to hold the Yanks offense back in a complete game effort.

In game two, Sam McDowell, Doug Jones, and Cody Allen combined to pull off the nearly impossible: a shutout against the fearsome Yanks lineup. Singles by Babe Ruth, Yogi Berra, Robinson Cano, and a Cano double were the only hits mustered by New York. Ruth was visibly furious after the game, and growled to the waiting press that he was heading to the nearest speakeasy and “leave me the (expletive) alone.”

Ruth was presumably sleeping it off the next afternoon, ’cause he was nowhere to be seen as his ‘mates tried to salvage the final game. It’s probably for the best that The Babe was AWOL–who knows how he would have reacted to seeing his team give up TWENTY to the Naps. Jim Thome, Manny Ramirez, Al Rosen, and John Romano all took home run trots. Thome reached safely five times and scored four runs. Yank manager Joe McCarthy could only shake his head in disbelief at the parade of meatballs hurled by Ray Caldwell, Red Ruffing, Goose Gossage, and Sparky Lyle. “We were horse(expletive),” was McCarthy’s succinct post-game evaluation. Only a Lou Gehrig solo shot in the eighth against mop-up man Don Mossi ended a string of 20 scoreless innings for New York. Naps starter Corey Kluber was mighty impressive in his seven innings of work.

A Yanks representative issued a press release after the game that George Ruth had been battling “a stomach bug” but seemed much better by the time his teammates returned to the hotel after the game. Ruth is expected to be ready to play in the next day’s series opener against Oakland in New York.

Game 1
Cleveland 7, New York 5

                  R  H BB
NY  120 110 000 - 5 10  2
CLE 001 051 00x - 7 12  5

HR: none

starters    IP  R ER HR BB SO
B. Shawkey  4   6  6  0  3  0  
A. Joss     9   5  5  0  2  3 

NY 8-8, CLE 7-9

Game 2
Cleveland 3, New York 0

                  R H BB
NY  000 000 000 - 0 4  6
CLE 002 010 00x - 3 9  6

HR: T. Hafner (2)

starters    IP  R ER HR BB SO
L. Gomez    7.2 3  3  1  6  4  
S McDowell  7   0  0  0  5  9 

NY 8-9, CLE 8-9

Game 3
Cleveland 20, New York 1

                   R  H BB
NY  000 000 010 -  1  9  3
CLE 600 632 30x - 20 15  9

HR: L. Gehrig (5), J. Thome (6), M. Ramirez (1), A. Rosen (2), J. Romano (1)

starters     IP  R ER HR BB SO
R. Caldwell  3.1 9  9  1  4  1  
C. Kluber    7   0  0  0  3  8 

NY 8-10, CLE 9-9

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